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We have completed another successful mission in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The main task in the New Hospital in Souillac for Dr. Harry Roux was to strengthen the confidence of the local surgeons and staff in the Oertli phaco machines.

The task was successfully completed. The phaco machines and the consumables sent for about 2 years are used correctly and are suitable for Souillac. This has been proven in about a dozen cataract surgeries. Prof. Cyrus Tabatabay has continued to train the local surgeon, Dr. Kamini Balloo, in vitrectomy during numerous surgeries.

We found out that there is room for qualitative improvements in the field of biometrics. We implemented certain corrections right away, but some training is still needed. In general, it can be said that we have encountered top-motivated personnel.

In Rodrigues, we had two goals. On the one hand, to make the biometry possible again and to make the sent phaco machine from Oertli ready for operation. We cleaned and tested the Zeiss biometer and brought it to the diagnostic room. The phaco machine we installed and tested with some difficulties. Both machines are ready for an upcoming operation and a certain amount of consumables are on site. The local commissioner, Nicolas Volbert, was extremely enthusiastic and fully motivated that we will soon be able to reduce part of the patient waiting list for cataract surgery. On the occasion of a dinner, he told us about the project of the new hospital, not far from the airport. This is already well advanced in the planning and will give a positive impetus to the medical specialties. Here, too, we met extremely interested and motivated personnel.

The fact that the projects on both islands could be advanced so successfully is largely due to the fact that we were able to work together efficiently. It was a really enjoyable week.

On behalf of Dr. Harry Roux and Senior Engineer Pierre Witz